Transfer Me It


Transfer Me It is in its BETA stage so be prepared to keep updating the app.


How It Works

Transfer Me It is a simple and secure file transfer application between Macs.

Have you ever wanted to be able to send a file seemlesly to a friend, client or colleague... Of course you have!

We have all been there, your friend in Paris wants that photo you took of them, your client in Hong Kong wants an up to date proposal, your colleague needs the new promo video. 

You want this to be done fast and hassle free without worrying about where the file is stored.

With Transfer Me It all you need is to download the very light weight application, to sit quietly on your menubar.

How to send a file?

To send a file click on 'Send File' in the drop down menu. You will then be presented with a text field to enter your friends code. After that, choose the file you want to send and press 'send'.

How to download a file?

Once your friend has sent the file you’ll receive a desktop notification, alerting you of an incoming file. Click 'yes' when asked "would you like to download '...'?". And you’ll then be prompted with a desktop window to decide where you would like to save the file.

What is the "Create A Code for > x minutes" option?

By default transfer me it will create a 10 minute code for you. This will give you both a unique code that lasts only 10 minutes and will store your encrypted file on the server for a maximum of 10 minutes from successful upload (files are also immediately deleted once your friend has downloaded the file). Depending on your pro account you can choose up to 1 hour.

What is the upload and download speed like?

Brilliant. We have 1000Mbit/s bandwidth.



We do not take, or want any of your data!

Your file is encrypted using your friends code as the password locally with AES encrypted before being sent to your friend. It is then decrypted locally on their computer after they download the file – this means that even we can’t see what’s on the server!

All connections between your computer and our server are HTTPS/SSL AES encryption.

And if that doesn’t make you think the app is secure enough - after the file you’re sending has been downloaded, it is deleted from the server and then overwritten with millions upon millions of '0's (to protect against any sort of recovery of the storage).


Move the slider to decide on how much you want to pay for Transfer Me It.

Can buy one month of:

  • Our love!

  • 1.0GB of space to upload files with

  • Up to 30 mins account life

  • Up to 1GB/s Bandwidth

  • A permanent User ID


    After making your super secure PayPal payment, you will receive an email (to your PayPal email address) with a Registration Key. You can then enter that key on the App, to activate your Pro account.